Brian Kaltak sees red card in Auckland City’s draw against Team Wellington

The good start of the season of the Vanuatu international Brian Kaltak had a major blow as he was red carded in a very important match against Auckland City’s rivals Team Wellington this Sunday at David Farrington Park, Wellington. The Ni-Vanuatu defender saw a second yellow at the 21th minute of play when his team was already winning the match.

Logan Rogerson had scored early for Auckland City then at the 21th minute Kaltak was cautioned for the second time after foulling TW‘s striker Hamish Watson. Minutes later Rogerson managed to spark some magic to score his second goal in the clash to double the Navy Blues lead, but unfortunately in the second half with two quick goals of João Moreira and Watson, Team Wellington managed to level the game at the 54th minute.

Brian Kaltak – NZF Media

Despite missing Kaltak and with only ten men in the pitch, the current New Zealand national champions were able to hold the pressure of the home and secure a point from this important match. Kaltak was recently praised by his very good performances in the start of the season, but this time unfortunately for him and his side he could not provide one of the best performances.


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