Fiji: Ba president steps down

The most victorious football club from Fiji is definitively not having a good start of season at Digicel Premier League – and also in this week, the Ba Football Association announced Rynal Kumar, now former president of the association, stepped down from his role.

Rynal Kumar has resigned from his position as President of Ba Football in at the end of 2021. The Association is currently looked after by the Ba Board lead by Ravneet Charan as Acting President while they await for their AGM next month“, posted Ba in their social media. The official account of Ba also stated Kumar expressed his desire to leave the board since 2019 – when he was still a vice-president – mentioned a lack of time and resources to continue with the association.

“I’ve been with Ba Football for a very long time, since my final years in high school picking and dropping players from training, taking care of team and equipment; I’ve been an official manager for multiple tournaments since 2009, then got elected as a VP in 2015 and president last year. I love this team, the players are like my brothers and I would love to continue. However, I do not have the same time, energy and resources on hand to lead this association going forward. […]”, stated Rynal Kumar.

Rynal Kumar – FFA Media

I am grateful to everyone that had supported me and helped the association in the past two years especially my close friends who were always there and even supported the association financially. They have helped in setting the foundation for future success and I wish the association and the Ba fans all the very best!“, said Kumar in completion of his speech.

After the departure of Kumar, Ba Football Association also stated they are now looking for new sponsors: “we are now announcing that Ba Football Association does not have any confirmed sponsorship” confirmed in their official account. It was also mentioned that any interested parties to sponsor the team could contact the association.


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