Tahiti women’s national team finishes their European tour


The Tahiti women’s national team finished their three-match friendly tour in Europe. Even with two losses and a draw to Luxembourg and Andorra respectively, the Tahiti team certainly can take a lot of this experience.

Luxembourg 5-0 Tahiti

Tahiti players before the game against Luxembourg – FTF

The first match was played on Luxembourg soil against the hosts. In the first thirty minutes we could see Tahiti managing to play a similar game to Luxembourg, exchanging passes, managing to win 1v1 duels, after that the team went into a slump seeming to have lost its composure. The high lines pressure on defense were a crucial issue for the two goals that Luxembourg scored in sequence. In the second half the team came back a bit shaken and could not play well, Luxembourg dominated all the actions, goalkeeper Camille Gisele – who was the best Tahitian player in the field – made good saves and avoided a scoreline that could have been bigger.

Luxembourg 11-0 Tahiti

Tahiti players before the game against Luxembourg – FTF

In France, on the other hand, what was the worst game of the Vahine Ura; the advanced lines were again a problem making the Tahitians victims of the involving combinations of the Luxembourg team, which easily managed to penetrate the Tahitian defense. Here the lowest point of the three matches, the high defense position that was not effective, allowing Luxembourg to score many goals. Within ten minutes to go Tahiti even tried to apply some pressure to score, but it was already too late.

Tahiti 0-0 Andorra

Tahiti vs Andorra – FTF

Tahiti’s last match on the European tour was certainly the best performance of the Vahine Ura – although against an inferior opponent to Luxembourg. Defensively very good, winning duels in the midfield, making good passing combinations and managing to articulate better plays rather than the two games before. In the final minutes of the of the first half, goalkeeper Camille Gisele saved a penalty kick. In the second half Tahiti had two chances to win the game, but stopped by the Andorran goalkeeper. Very good performances by Kohai Mai, playing on the right side, and Ninauea Hioe, who played as team playmaker. Kiani Wong also deserves to be highlighted for what she did in the three games. Camille Gisele, who plays for Strasbourg in France’s Ligue 2, was undoubtedly Tahiti’s best player in the three matches.

It is not known whether they will be back on the field for more friendly matches before the Nations Cup in July, but it is for sure something huge for the team development to have this experience against European nations.


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