New Caledonia: Lues Waya to trial for France’s Ligue 1 club


Recently, Oceania Football Center reported that New Caledonian top-striker Lues Waya is set to join a 4th-tier French side as reported by local media Foot-NC. The plan for the 21-year-old striker seems to have changed – and for better. Before joining Voltigeurs de Chateaubriant, the striker will trial for the prestigious FC Nantes, a team member of the French Ligue 1, the most important football league of France – the same the stars Lionel Messi, Kyllian Mbappé and Neymar play, but, of course, for the powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain.

Lues Waya (center) playing for AS Tiga Sport – Alain Vartane

The info was confirmed by New Caledonia Football Federation: “Lues Waya accepted the invitation of FC Nantes, the trial will take place from January 2nd to 15th January. This trial is part of the ELITE EXCELLENCE PROJECT set up by the Caledonian Football Federation and the links forged with the professional club FC Nantes“, stated the FCF in its website.

Waya, a 21-year-old striker of Tiga Sport, already has international experience playing for his country and finished the last two seasons as the top-scorer of the Super Ligue in New Caledonia.


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