New Caledonia’s top-talent Lues Waya signs pro-contract in France

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One of the most talented players from New Caledonia spent the last months in France seeking for an opportunity to sign a pro-deal; the striker Lues Waya was under trials with Ligue 1 side FC Nantes for a number of weeks, then recently started trials with Stade Lavallois.

The Cagous striker has now finally signed a pro-contract – he will integrate the second team of Stade Lavallois, as reported by New Caledonia Football Federation. “Lues has joined the Laval Training Centre, joining eleven other members of the pro reserve team“, explained Christophe Coursimault, former New Caledonia coach, winner of the Pacific Games in 2011 and now the relay of the New Caledonian Football Federation in mainland France, as part of a federal project to support, strengthen and structure the elite of New Caledonian football.

Lues Waya – Alain Vartane

Former striker of AS Wetr – club where Waya started his career – and then of Tiga Sport, with whom the Tokanod-born player revealed himself as the rising star of Cagou football, Lues Waya joins the National 3 group of STADE LAVALLOIS MAYENNE FOOTBALL CLUB, a historical club of French football“, endorsed the FCF.

The National 3, the 5th-tier of football in France, can be the start of a rapid rise for the 21-year-old striker that won the golden boot of the last New Caledonian Super Ligue and also earned himself the prize of the best player of the national league. Depending on the performances of the striker in the second team he can surely rise to Laval’s first team that is currently playing in the second-tier of French football.


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