Vanuatu: VFF Champions League final is set

The most important club football tournament of Vanuatu is set to an end this Saturday (11th Feb) in Port Vila. The champions of each the eight member associations that made up the Vanuatu Football Federation – all six provinces of the country plus Port Vila and Luganville MA’s – are taking part of the tournament that started last 1st Feb having the brand-new Freswota Stadium in the national capital as its venue.

The Port Vila FA champions Ifira Black Bird and Luganville FA champions Sia Raga dominated both groups; Wings FC from Tafea FA and and Arato FC from Penama FA also managed to qualify for the semifinal matches of the tournamet. The other four teams that were knocked-out of the competition in the first stage were Patvuti from Sanma FA, Rainbow FC from Torba FA, Eraniao FC from Shefa FA and Police FC from Malampa FA.

Ifira Black Bird (up) and Sia Raga FC (down) will decide the winner of the tournament – VFF Media

Sia Raga FC was the first side to confirm their spot in the grand final after an emphatic 8-2 victory over Arato FC; later it was Ifira BB that surpassed Wings FC, bu they needed to fight hard in order to confirm their presence in the final as they won the Tafea FA representatives by 2-1.

The representatives of the two biggest cities in the country will face-off this weekend to determine which of the two sides will celebrate national glory. Still this month both teams will need to play again, this time for the OFC Champions League Qualifying play-offs, to decide which of those will represent Vanuatu in the regional tournament.


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