Lues Waya under trials with Ligue 2 side

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Lues Waya is one of the most promising New Caledonian players of this next decade – the striker needed less time than expected he got his chance in Europe. Waya was top-goalscorer of Super Ligue in New Caledonia last season playing for AS Tiga.

After spending weeks on trial with Ligue 1 club Nantes, Lues Waya is now trialling with Stade Lavallois’ B team, which currently plays in the National 3 – while the first team plays in Ligue 2. If the striker is sucessful in his trials he can play either the first team or the B team of Lavallois.

Lues Waya – Stade Lavallois

If Lues Waya signs for Laval – as the French club is known – Waya will be the third players from New Caledonia to defend the team’s colours after Cesar Zeoula who had a successful stint playing 133 matches from 2011 to 2018 and also Joris Kenon who played for three years in the club.

Oceania Football Center wishes Lues Waya best of luck and expecting him to represent New Caledonia football very well in the years to come.


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