Raphael Lea’i arrives in Europe; new details about his possible deal

Raphael Lea’i is having another very good chance – maybe the best of all he had – to sign professional deal – as recently explained by Oceania Football Center. The young striker from Solomon Islands already landed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and joined 1st-tier club FK Velež Mostar for a period of trainings – Lea’i will use the facilities of the Mostar-based team in order to prepare for his trial in the Turkey’s top-tier club Alanyaspor.

Lea’i wearing FK Velež Mostar colours

Oceania Football Center talked to Henderson Eels representantive Wakio Tareina’a that kindly provided more information regarding the situation of Lea’i stay in Europe. Tareina’a confirmed that the 19 year-old striker will only stay in Mostar to prepare for the trial: “The initial aim is to train in Bosnia before trial in Turkey” he said, but he also mentioned a ‘Plan B’ in case of the things do not go as planed in Turkey: “In that case if any club in Bosnia get interest in him then he can sign with them”, completed Tareina’a.

YouTube: Oceania Football Center

It is expected that Lea’i train around to one or two months in Mostar before heading to his trial – that has not a fixed date as confirmed by Henderson Eels’ Tareina’a. The fans might get intrigued on why Lea’i is training exactly in Bosnia and Herzegovina not somewhere else, the situation is also explained by Eels’ chairman: “A member of the coaching staff of FK Velež Mostar is the responsible for arranging the trials for Raphael in Turkey“. It is also known the agent wanted Raphael Lea’i to be fully prepared for the trials, that’s why he is using the facilities of the club to get ready.

Oceania Football Center will continue following the development of the Lea’i’s trials.


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