TERRIFYING: Violence after semifinal match of PNG National Soccer League

Unfortunately, the urgent report Oceania Football Center has for the Pacific football community is very serious and sad: after reports, it is confirmed thre was a pitch invasion in Port Moresby’s PNG Football Stadium after the completion of the match between Gulf Komara and Hekari United, a semifinal match of the PNG National Soccer League.


The match ended up in a 2-0 victory of Hekari, but unfortunately the spotlight were on the actions just after the final whistle. Oceania Football Center is still going to publicate a full review of both semifinals of the national league.

Pitch Invasion in PNG Football Stadium

It is reported a number of fans invaded the field of play and started to fight each other. “There was no Security at the Gates. I stood at the Gate for 10 minutes and watch drunkards walk in with no checks or Bag search! Anyone present today will confirm. What a fail competition!“, said a football fan that was in the stadium and witnessed all the actions. It is also reported the fight took around 5-10 minutes until police made the fans run away of the field of the play.

You can watch the videos Oceania Football Center collected by clicking here. New reports and details can be added at any time due the investigations and appurations come in.

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