Lae City FC wants National Soccer League final to be played in Lae after hooligans attack

This Saturday (21th Jan) saw terrible moments in the field of play in PNG Football Stadium in Port Moresby; not a bad football game, but much worse: hooliganism attacks between two factions of supporters enter into fight having the pitch as an wrestle arena. You can see more about by clicking here.

After the decisive matches of this weekend for the National Soccer League, it is confirmed the national forces Hekari United and Lae City will face each other again in the league final. The match is set to be played in the venue the violence actions happened, as it was confirmed by PNGFA in a public statement in their social media account.

Lae City FC line up this Saturday

The situation made Lae City FC issue a public note concern: “The NSL grand final will be played in Port Moresby. After reports and videos about the supporters invading the field and punching each other with no security or police presence, what is the guarantee for a safe grand final? PNGFA should bring the match to Lae where security will not be an issue” stated the club in social media.

It is known there was a real problem in security – the hooligans started to gather in the stands and rapidly entered the field of play with no resistance. It is also reported the violence took over around several minutes to be controlled by police officers.

The Papua New Guinea FA did not issue any public statement on the happenings and just confirmed the final match to be played in the same venue of the hooligans’ attack.


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