Ba adds Argentinian forward for upcoming season in Fiji

Carlos Raffa is a talented Argentinian forward who recently signed with Ba, the most successful club in Fiji. At just 23 years old, Raffa has already made a name for himself as an exciting young talent with a bright future ahead of him.

Raffa caught the attention of Ba’s board when he represented the team in last year’s Pacific Cup. Despite being relatively unknown at the time, Raffa quickly made a big impression on the field with his impressive speed, agility, and skill on the ball. His performance in the tournament not only helped Ba to reach the final and lift the trophy but also earned him a lot of praise from coaches, teammates, and fans alike. Before his experience with Ba, Raffa played in Argentina’s regional side Hurácan de Trelew, that plays at Liga del Valle del Chubut, a league that composes the fifth tier of Argentinian football.

Carlos Raffa – Canal 12 – Flux – Chubut

Impressed by Raffa’s talent and potential, the Ba board wasted no time in offering him a contract for the entire 2023 season in Fiji. Raffa seems thrilled at the opportunity to play for one of the most successful clubs in Fiji and to showcase his skills in the Fijian Premier League – this will be the first experience for the Argentinian at senior football.

Raffa’s signing is also an exciting development for Ba’s fans, who are eager to see what the young Argentinian will bring to the team. With his speed, skill, and attacking prowess, Raffa has the potential to be a major asset to Ba’s forward line and to help the team achieve their goals in the upcoming season.

The addition of the forward to Ba also represents a very interesting feature to Fijian football, as Raffa hails from the current FIFA World Cup champions nation – something of course very attractive to note in the Fijian Premier League this season.


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