Fiji Football Association furious on team indiscipline; Pawan Singh sent home after straight red-card

After the heavy defeat against Indonesia, Fijian fans turned not happy with the result but especially with three red-cards shown to the team in the 4-0 defeat to the hosts of the next FIFA U-20 World Cup. The Junior Bula Boys are playing an invitational tournament in Indonesia and the first impression to the hosts was definitely not good: Melvin Mani, Thomas Dunn and Pawan Singh were sent-off in the 90 minutes of the game.

Pawan Singh, the most serious of the three cases, was sent-off after altercation with Indonesian players; Singh hit the neck of an opponent after sending a lot of punches in his direction. Singh saw a direct red-card and Fiji FA made a statement about the case.

Singh aggresion – Vidio

After receiving reports from the team management today, the President, Mr. Rajesh Patel and the board has taken following decisions:

1. The player in concern who received a red card because of the violent conduct is to be sent back to Fiji in the next available flight.

2. Further disciplinary action will be taken against him.

3. The team management has been directed to work on the discipline of the team, both on and off the field in preparation for the next match and onwards;

Our sincere apologies to the Indonesia team management, players and fans at large from both countries for what happened in the match and be rest assured that appropriate action is being taken“, said Fiji FA in a media statement. .

The player in case is Labasa’s Pawan Singh, as reported. The media statement made by Fiji FA was reposted by PSSI – Indonesia Football Association – in social media. Many local football fans were unhappy with the incidents and PSSI stepped up to clarify the situation and state Fiji FA already took actions regarding the case.

Fiji U-20 side already played another match in the invitational tournament against Guatemala and is still to play another game against OFC U-19 Championship winners New Zealand later this week.


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