Gagame Feni: “Kossa has a chance to play at OFC Champions League”

The Telekom S-League golden boot winner Gagame Feni is positive after the 1-1 draw of his side Kossa FC against Solomon Warriors for the first leg of the national play-off of OFC Champions League in Solomon Islands. The striker – who scored impressive 34 goals in the national league – was in the scoresheet one again in the match against Warriors, but unfortunately his side was not able to secure the lead as they conceded the equaliser in the early minutes of the second half. “The game was good, this if the first time for some of our boys to play in much higher level – Warriors is a consistent team all through the years” said the striker in interview to Oceania Football Center.

I believe if we stick in our game plan and stay concentrated thorough out the game, we might have chance to play in the O-League” said Feni. Kossa counts on some important players with national team experience such as Joses Nawo and Molis Junior Gagame.

Gagame Feni in action against the Solomon Warriors – TSL Media

Throught the first leg, Kossa deployed a more defensive style of play that sometimes left Feni alone by himself as the sole striker for the team: “We know that they were going to come strong, so our goal was to stay intact and slide where the ball goes” adds the 30-year-old player regarding the tactics chosen by coach Eddie Marahare – “For us we need to work in some areas in attack for sure“, he also mentioned.

Feni and his teammates will be looking for a spot at the OFC Champions League group stage to be played this May in Vanuatu; Kossa has plenty of history in the tournament, but for a number of years the new Telekom S-League runners up did not participate in the regional competition,


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