Papua New Guinea women’s national team is defeated by Chinese Taipei

In a friendly match played at the North Harbour Stadium in New Zealand, the Chinese Taipei women’s football team recorded a convincing 5-0 win over their counterparts from Papua New Guinea. The match, played after both teams were knocked out of the intercontinental play-off for the OFC Women’s World Cup, gave the players an opportunity to showcase their skills at the international level.

From the start of the game, Chinese Taipei were in control and dominated proceedings. They took the lead in the 29th minute through a goal by Yen-Ping Chen, and then doubled their advantage just five minutes later thanks to Hsi-Hsuan Pao’s strike. Yu-Suan Su added a third goal for the team at the 36th minute, leaving Papua New Guinea with an uphill battle.

Despite their best efforts, Papua New Guinea were unable to break down the more experienced Chinese Taipei team, who continued to create chances throughout the game. Chia-Ying Ting added a fourth goal for Chinese Taipei at the 65th minute, and Hsiu-Sin Lee rounded off the scoring with a goal in the 76th minute.

OFC Media

For Papua New Guinea, this was a rare chance to showcase their talents at the international level, having lost their previous match to Panama by a score of 2-0. While the result may not have gone their way, the players will have gained valuable experience and will be looking to use this match as a stepping stone towards future success.

While there may not have been any major stakes at play, both sides were keen to put in a strong performance and give their fans something to cheer about. Chinese Taipei with a much more experienced side came up with the win, but it needs to be pointed that it is a very important experienced for the non-professional women from Papua New Guinea side.


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