Yagi Yasasa is widely praised in Papua New Guinea after OFC Champions League national play-offs

Yagi Yasasa‘s recent performances have been a great moment of form for both himself and his team Hekari United. As a 22-year-old attacking midfielder, Yasasa has become the new maestro of the powerful Hekari team since the legendary David Muta retired from the game.

Yasasa’s impressive performances in the recent OFC Champions League national round play-off against national champions Lae City, where he scored two goals, caught the attention of fans and the local media alike. The young player has already represented his country, Papua New Guinea, five times, and was a member of the squad for the last year’s OFC FIFA World Cup Qualifiers that saw his country being knocked-out in the semifinal to the Solomon Islands.

The great moment of form that Yasasa is experiencing has earned him a lot of praise from local media and fans. He has become a key player for Hekari in the recent months; his performances have been instrumental in helping his team progress to the OFC Champions League group stage, which is set to be played this May in Vanuatu.

Yagi Yasasa in action – Siniva

Yasasa’s style of play is characterized by his skill on the ball and his ability to create scoring opportunities for his team. His quick feet and vision make him a potent force in the attacking third, and his goalscoring ability has helped his team to secure crucial victories.

As a young player with a promising future, Yagi Yasasa is definitely one to watch. His performances for Hekari United have shown that he has the potential to become a star player for his country and make a name for himself on the international stage. With his focus now on preparing for the OFC Champions League group stage, football fans will be eagerly anticipating the Hekari’s number 26 performances in the coming months.


2 thoughts on “Yagi Yasasa is widely praised in Papua New Guinea after OFC Champions League national play-offs

  1. Thankyou OFC for working hard to promote the most beautiful game that we love in our region. Keep promoting our upcoming young players from our region, Oceania. We are together in this. Much love from Port Moresby. A diehard fan.


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