Solomon Islands: Telekom S-League confirms participating clubs for next two editions

The Telekom S-League board has confirmed the twelve teams that will take part in the national football league of Solomon Islands for the next cycle from 2023 to 2025. The board screened applicants from both old and new teams and finally selected twelve teams that meet the league’s requirements. The current champions, Solomon Warriors FC, will participate once again to defend their title, along with eleven other teams.

The twelve teams that will be taking part in the upcoming edition of the Telekom S-League are Solomon Warriors FC, Kossa FC, Central Coast FC, Henderson Eels FC, Laugu United FC, Marist FC, Honiara City FC, Southern United FC, Waneagu United FC, Real Kakamora FC, SOSA FC, and FC Juniper. The inclusion of two new teams, SOSA FC and FC Juniper, brings fresh talent and excitement to the league.

Warriors and Kossa players battle for the ball; both sides ended as winners and runners-up respectively in the last edition TSL – TSL Media

The S-League board approved the applications of SOSA FC and FC Juniper based on their history in sports and football, compliance with the league’s requirements, and their financial capabilities. Both teams were required to have a youth team, qualified coaches with a minimum qualification of OFC C License, a major sponsor, and the financial support to pay their registration fees in full.

The inclusion of these two new teams highlights the league’s commitment to promoting football and developing young talent in Solomon Islands. The Telekom S-League has become an important platform for local players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.

The confirmation of the twelve teams for the next cycle of the Telekom S-League from 2023 to 2025 is sure to generate excitement among fans and players alike. The league promises to be highly competitive, with each team vying for the title and aiming to put on their best performances on the field. The S-League board’s decision to include SOSA FC and FC Juniper indicates that the league is growing and evolving, and fans can expect to see more new and exciting developments in the future.


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