Nabil Begg: the future star of Fijian football

Nabil Begg is a rising star in Fijian football and a talented striker for both Ba FC and the Fiji national team. Despite being only 19 years old, Begg has already made a significant impact in the local football scene with his impressive skills and goal-scoring abilities.

Begg’s talent helped Fiji’s U-20 team qualify for the U-20 World Cup for the second time ever in Tahiti last year. He scored the crucial goal against New Caledonia that secured Fiji’s spot in the tournament, which will be held this year in Indonesia.

In addition to his success with the U-20 team, Begg has also played for the Fiji senior national team, competing in the OFC World Cup qualifying tournament held in Qatar last year. Despite his young age, he has already played in two matches for the national team, showcasing his potential as a future star of Fijian football.

At the club level, Begg has been a key player for Ba FC, one of the top teams in the Digicel Fiji Premier League. He has scored six goals in 23 matches in the national league, including a goal in the team’s 2-0 win over Nadroga earlier this season. Begg has also participated in prestigious local tournaments such as the Battle of Giants and InterDistrict Championship, where he has further demonstrated his skills on the field. You can watch here a highlights video made by Oceania Football Center on Begg recent achievements.

Nabil Begg celebrates the decisive goal against New Caledonia – OFC Media

Begg’s success on the field has not gone unnoticed overseas, as it is expected the player to move to New Zealand football league system after the U-20 World Cup, as Begg mentioned to Oceania Football Center in an interview recently. This move is expected to further develop his skills and provide him with new opportunities to showcase his talent on an international stage.

Overall, Nabil Begg is a promising young talent in Fijian football and is poised to become a star player in the years to come. His impressive skills and goal-scoring abilities make him a valuable asset for both Ba FC and the Fiji national team, and he is sure to be a player to watch in the future.


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