Nabil Begg: the future star of Fijian football

Nabil Begg is a rising star in Fijian football and a talented striker for both Ba FC and the Fiji national team. Despite being only 19 years old, Begg has already made a significant impact in the local football scene with his impressive skills and goal-scoring abilities. Begg’s talent helped Fiji’s U-20 team qualify forContinue reading “Nabil Begg: the future star of Fijian football”

Fiji U-20 side suffers heavy loss to Indonesia as three players are sent-off

In their first match of the invitational tournament in Jakarta, the Fiji U-20 side suffered a heavy defeat against Indonesia U-20. Despite managing to keep the scoreline at 1-0 in the first half, thanks to a goal scored by Arkham at the 35th minute, Fiji was totally dominated by the local team. In the secondContinue reading “Fiji U-20 side suffers heavy loss to Indonesia as three players are sent-off”

Exclusive interview with Fiji’s Flemming Serritslev

Oceania Football Center had the opportunity of a telephone interview with the head coach of Fiji’s national team, Flemming Serritslev before the highly anticipated World Cup qualifying tournament in Qatar. He is a man with great ambitions for Fiji and is very passionate about the development of football in Oceania. How is the weather downContinue reading “Exclusive interview with Fiji’s Flemming Serritslev”