Nabil Begg: “Fiji is playing at a total different level at U-20 World Cup”

The star player of the Junior Bula Boys, Nabil Begg, currently in action at the U-20 World Cup in Argentina, spoke to Oceania Football Center before their final match in the tournament. The 19-year-old stated that Fiji is playing in a very different level, against top-quality teams and it is important to understand the circumstances the squad is being exposed.

The World Cup has been of great learning and experience for all of us in the team. We are pllaying at a totally different level“, mentioned the Ba’s striker. Fiji lost their first two matches against Slovakia (4-0) and United States (3-0), showing improvement from the first match to the second. The defensive display of the Fijian side held the strong team of United States until the 66th minute, when Diego Luna’s strike had broken the deadlock.

Nabil Begg – FIFA

Now, the Fijians have another chance to learn and also to make the whole nation proud; the last pool match for the Junior Bula Boys is this Friday (in Argentina) against the South American representants Ecuador. The Ecuadorians had won Slovakia in their second match and they need a result if they want to proceed to the next stage – definitely a strong challenge as well for the Fijians. Despite the unfavourable circumstances, Begg dreams: “We hope to secure a win in this World Cup. We will try our best to beat Ecuador“, said the star player.

Two defeats recorded and another very hard match in the horizon; indeed Fiji had a very tough pool in the draw. In the other hand, the most important part, is the learning the players are getting to play at world stage. Certainly the young squad is enjoying their stay in Argentina and learning all possible to become better football players.


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