Kapuls star Tommy Semmy scores his first goal of the season in Australia

Tommy Semmy, Papua New Guinea international winger, has started his season in Australia’s National Premier League with a bang. The 28-year-old scored his first goal of the season for Altona Magic in their match against Dandenong Thunder after seven matches played. The goal came in the first half of the match and was instrumental in Altona Magic’s 3-2 victory.

Semmy’s goal was a result of his lightning-fast speed and agility on the field. He took advantage of a mistake by the opposition defense and quickly seized the opportunity to take the ball past the defender, pass the goalkeeper, and score a brilliant goal. You can watch his goal by clicking here. Semmy’s ability to use his pace and quick thinking to create chances is what makes him such a valuable player for Altona Magic.

The goal was not just important for Semmy but also for his team. Altona Magic was struggling in the league, ranked 9th in the process, and needed a victory to boost their confidence and climb up the league table. Semmy’s goal was very important in the game as his team was trailing by 1-0 and it gave his team the momentum they needed to secure a much-needed victory later in the match.

Tommy Semmy – Sports Focus

Semmy has already made a name for himself in the National Premier League, having previously played for Dandenong City. Semmy also played for clubs in the region such as Hekari United and Hamilton Wanderers. He is known for his speed, skill, and ability to score goals, and his performance in this match showed why he is one of the top players in the league. With more matches to come, Semmy needs to continue performing at his best and helping Altona Magic improve their performances in the league.


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