Vanuatu: Ifira Black Bird takes the lead of Port Vila Premier League

Ifira Black Bird has retaken the lead of the Port Vila Premier League after winning two matches this week in Vanuatu’s capital league. The national champions – also title holders of the Port Vila Premier League – have been busy in the OFC Champions League play-offs, where they have qualified for the group stage. However, they have managed to continue their winning streak in the domestic league as well.

In the midweek, Ifira Black Bird faced Penama FC and secured a comfortable 3-0 win. Then, on Saturday, they faced North Efate United and managed to win by a narrow margin of 1-0. These two wins have helped Ifira Black Bird to regain the top spot in the Port Vila Premier League table.

Other matches were also played this week in the league. Seveners faced Mauwia in the midweek and won by a convincing 4-1 scoreline. Mauwia returned to the pitch on the weekend, but unfortunately for them, they suffered another heavy defeat, this time losing 9-0 to iCount Yatel.

Ifira Black Bird players celebrate one of their goals against Penama FC – PVFA Media

Currently, Ifira Black Bird is two points ahead of Galaxy FC in the table as they took the leading seat of the league. iCount Yatel is ranked third in the process, two points behind Galaxy FC in the second spot.

The Port Vila Premier League is one of the top football leagues in Vanuatu and attracts a lot of attention from fans and football enthusiasts in the country. Ifira Black Bird’s recent wins have once again proved their dominance in the league, and it remains to be seen whether they can maintain their top spot till the end of the season.


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