FK Velež Mostar loses in Bosnian Premier League as Raphael Lea’i comes as late substitute

Raphael Lea’i, the 19-year-old Solomon Islands football sensation, was subbed in during the 88th minute of play in FK Velež Mostar’s match against NK Široki Brijeg on Wednesday, 26th April. Unfortunately, Lea’i’s side could not secure an equaliser, resulting in a 1-0 loss while playing away from home. The match was a part of the Bosnia and Herzegovina top-tier league, m:tel Premier League.

Velež had been under pressure to score an equaliser throughout the match, and Lea’i was brought on in the hopes of making a difference. However, despite his efforts and the team’s best attempts, they were unable to find the back of the net. The loss means that Velež has slipped down the table, dropping from fifth to sixth position – Velež Mostar best position in the league this season so far was 3rd.

Raphael Lea’i in a training session – Radio Sarajevo

This was Lea’i’s sixth appearance for his new club, and the fifth in the national league. In all his previous matches, he came on as a substitute. The young footballer has been making waves in the Solomon Islands and is the first player from the country to play professional football in Europe.

Lea’i’s presence on the pitch has been a source of inspiration and hope for young footballers in the Solomon Islands. He is viewed as a role model for many aspiring players, who see him as proof that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve their dreams.

While the loss to NK Široki Brijeg is undoubtedly disappointing for Lea’i and his team, it is important to remember that there will be more matches to come in the league; also Velež achieved recently the final of the Bosnian Cup, what can be Leai’s first professional title.


6 thoughts on “FK Velež Mostar loses in Bosnian Premier League as Raphael Lea’i comes as late substitute

  1. Rapha could have scored crucial goals for his team even in the last five minutes of play if his forward partners don’t have that selfish attitude of wanting to score themselves from difficult angles. A clear example was in their latest game (26/4) when the other striker goes for goal but went high. Rahpa was in a clear position to score should he be given that ball.


  2. The result does not a matter to me.
    The greatest thing is how the club involves Solomon Islands in the professional soccer scenario


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