Kossa announces the addition of star midfielder Tutizama Tanito

Kossa, one of the most prominent football clubs in the Solomon Islands, has recently signed Tutizama Tanito, a star midfielder from the country. Tanito, who previously played for Henderson Eels, will reunite with his former coach Eddie Marahare at Kossa.

Kossa finished second in the last edition of the Telekom S-League in Solomon Islands, the most important football league in the country. However, they failed to qualify for the OFC Champions League last season as they lost in the national round to Solomon Warriors.

Tutizama Tanito – OFC Media

Tanito brings a wealth of experience to Kossa, having played in the OFC Champions League in the past. He was also a key member of the successful Henderson Eels team in recent seasons. Moreover, Tanito has represented Solomon Islands national team 17 times and scored four goals for his country.

According to Marahare, Tanito’s experience will be invaluable for Kossa at the TSL level. The coach has worked with the midfielder for four seasons previously and is confident that he can contribute greatly to the team’s success.

The addition of Tanito to Kossa is a major boost for the club as they prepare for the start of the Telekom S-League this Saturday (29th April) in Honiara. With his talent and experience, Tanito could play a crucial role in helping Kossa achieve success in the league and beyond.


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