Ifira Black Bird grabs first win in Australia in preparations for OFC Champions League

Ifira Black Bird, the national champions of Vanuatu, have been preparing for the upcoming OFC Champions League in Australia, where they have been playing friendly matches against local clubs to fine-tune their skills and tactics. The team has been working hard to prepare for the tournament, which will take place in their home country of Vanuatu in May.

In their most recent match, Ifira Black Bird achieved an impressive 1-0 victory against Broadbeach Soccer Club in Gold Coast. The team’s star midfielder, Godine Tenene, scored the decisive goal, while the goalkeeper, Anthony Taiwia, made a crucial penalty save in the first half to secure the win.

The victory against Broadbeach Soccer Club will undoubtedly give Ifira Black Bird a boost of confidence as they head into the OFC Champions League, where they will be facing some of the best teams in the region. The team will have two more friendly matches while in Australia, against Peninsula Power and Burleigh Heads, to further sharpen their skills and tactics.

Ifira Black Bird players before the match – PVFA Media

The preparation of Ifira Black Bird in Australia has been vital for the team’s success in the upcoming tournament. The team has been able to acclimatize to different playing conditions, face different opponents, and work on their teamwork and strategy.

With their recent victory and continued preparation, Ifira Black Bird will be looking to make a strong showing in the OFC Champions League, and perhaps even go on to win the tournament. The team will undoubtedly have the support of their home fans as they compete on their home soil, and their success in the tournament will be a source of pride for the people of Vanuatu.


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