Raphael Lea’i ready to make impact as Velež Mostar faces local rivals in Bosnian Cup grand final

Raphael Lea’i‘s team, FK Velež Mostar, is gearing up for the highly anticipated grand final match of the BiH Kup, the Bosnian Cup, against their local rivals Zrinjski. The match is scheduled to take place this Wednesday, May 17th, at the renowned Bilino Polje Stadium in Zenica, which has been chosen as a neutral venue for the intense showdown.

The anticipation surrounding this final has reached fever pitch, with thousands of passionate Velež fans eagerly purchasing tickets to support their beloved team. The atmosphere is expected to be electric, as the supporters will be fully behind their squad, hoping to witness another moment of glory.

In the most recent match against FK Igman in the national league, 19-year-old Solomon Islands’ star Raphael Lea’i showcased his immense talent. Making his debut as a starter for Velež, Lea’i not only provided an assist but also scored a goal, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and pundits alike. His exceptional performance has undoubtedly raised the expectations for his role in the upcoming final.

Although it is unlikely that Lea’i will start the match, given his young age and relatively recent arrival at the team, there is a strong possibility that the South Pacific sensation will have an opportunity to make an impact during the final. His remarkable display against Igman has showcased his ability to be a game-changer and earned him recognition within the team.

Lea’i and his teammates celebrate during the match against FK Igman – FK Velež Mostar Media

Velež, as the current title holders of the Bosnian Cup, will be eager to defend their hard-earned glory. A victory in the Cup final against their archrivals Zrinjski would hold immense significance for the club and its passionate supporters, adding another chapter to their storied history.

As the players of FK Velež Mostar prepare for this crucial encounter, they will be aware of the weight of expectation on their shoulders. The coaching staff will carefully consider their lineup and strategy, aiming to maximize their chances of success against a formidable opponent like Zrinjski, that recently confirmed the national league title in their favour.

With the stage set for an exhilarating showdown between two local powerhouses, the fans of Velež Mostar are eagerly counting down the days until the final. They will be hoping that their team can once again raise the coveted Bosnian Cup, and perhaps witness another standout performance from the talented young star, Raphael Lea’i.


One thought on “Raphael Lea’i ready to make impact as Velež Mostar faces local rivals in Bosnian Cup grand final

  1. Excellent effort Raphael, such a valiant contribution only reflects that Pacific islanders can match any world class footie team and deliver. We’ll done young man. God bless and best wishes for the grand final match. Go mangi Solomon ..trupela man no moa..Noel PNG..


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