O-League: Tiga Sport beats innefective Hekari United in Port Vila

In a thrilling encounter in the OFC Champions League, Tiga Sport, New Caledonian side, secured a hard-fought victory over the formidable Hekari United from Papua New Guinea. This win came as a remarkable turnaround for Tiga, who had suffered a heavy defeat in their debut match against AS Pirae.

The match between Tiga Sport and Hekari United ended with a scoreline of 1-0 in favor of Tiga, thanks to a goal from their captain, Shene Welepane. Despite Hekari United enjoying the majority of possession, they failed to find the back of the net throughout the game.

In the first half, Hekari created several scoring opportunities but failed to capitalize on them. Kolu Kepo came close to scoring, but unfortunately, his shot sailed over the crossbar in front of the goal. Tiga Sport found themselves on the back foot for most of the opening 45 minutes as Hekari dominated the proceedings.

Shene Welepane (red) and Rex Naime (black) battle for the ball – OFC Media

However, Tiga came out with a different mindset in the second half, displaying a stronger and more offensive approach. They managed to turn the tide of the game with a counter-attack. Morgan Mathelon orchestrated a swift move and found Shene Welepane in an excellent position. Despite the defender’s desperate attempt to recover, Welepane calmly finished the chance, finding the back of the net and giving Tiga the lead.

With their one-goal advantage, Tiga Sport now had to withstand the pressure exerted by Hekari United, who pushed forward in search of an equalizer. Hekari created further chances, but their efforts were either blocked or missed the target. Tiga’s defense stood firm, denying Hekari the opportunity to level the score.

As the match concluded, both Tiga Sport and Hekari United looked ahead to the final matchday of Group A, which will be played at Freshwater Stadium in Port Vila. This crucial fixture will determine which team would advance to the semifinals. Both sides had an opportunity to secure their spot in the next stage, making the upcoming match a highly anticipated and fiercely contested affair.


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