Telekom S-League: Southern United’s Orobulu rises as ‘Golden Boot’ surprise candidate

John Orobulu, the striker for Southern United in the Telekom S-League, has taken the league by storm with his exceptional performances in the early stages of the season. The talented number 7 has already netted an impressive five goals in just four matches, which includes a remarkable hattrick against the reigning champions, Solomon Warriors, in the season opener.

Orobulu’s goal-scoring exploits have come as a delightful surprise to football fans in the country. Many expected established players such as Gagame Feni or Ali Mekawir to be leading the golden boot race, but it is Orobulu who has emerged as the unexpected frontrunner. The IUMI Cup product has truly become the man of the moment.

Despite Orobulu’s individual success, Southern United experienced a slow start to the season, struggling to secure victories. However, they recently recorded their first win of the campaign in a match against the bottom-placed FC Juniper. Orobulu played a pivotal role in this victory, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess by bagging a well-deserved brace for his team.

Orobulu (right) with the ball for Southern United – TSL Media

Orobulu’s style of play is characterized by his blistering pace, which makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses. His ability to outpace defenders and find the back of the net has been a significant factor in his recent goal-scoring spree. His confidence and composure in front of goal have been remarkable, leading to crucial contributions for Southern United.

As the golden boot race heats up, all eyes will be on Orobulu to see if he can maintain his exceptional form and continue his goal-scoring exploits. His recent performances have undoubtedly elevated his status within the league and have made him a player to watch out for in future matches.

Southern United’s fans are thrilled by Orobulu’s remarkable start to the season and have embraced him as their newfound hero. With his electrifying performances and natural goal-scoring ability, he has become an exciting figure for the club and a beacon of hope for future success.

As the Telekom S-League progresses, it remains to be seen if John Orobulu can continue his goal-scoring spree and lead Southern United to further victories. Regardless, his achievements so far have cemented his place as one of the league’s most surprising and exciting players, capturing the attention and admiration of football fans across the Solomon Islands.


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