Raphael Lea’i has his first full match as a professional player in European football

Solomon Islands football star Raphael Lea’i played his second match for FK Velež Mostar in the starting team in a game against FK Sarajevo. It was a significant milestone for the 19-year-old as he played the entire 90 minutes, marking his first full match as a professional player in Europe.

Despite the unfavorable outcome for Velež Mostar, who suffered a 5-3 defeat against Sarajevo, Lea’i’s achievement of completing the entire game is commendable. The result also dashed Velež’s hopes of qualifying for the UEFA Conference League, leaving them with only one more match in the m:tel Premier League to play. At this point, Velež has nothing to battle for in the national table and they will finish the season at the middle of the table.

Raphael Lea’i in action against Sarajevo – Sportsport.ba

Nevertheless, for Lea’i, the experience of playing the full duration of a professional match holds great significance. It showcases his growing adaptation and resilience as he continues to establish himself in European football.

Velež will play HSK Posušje in the final match of the season; it can be expceted the Solomon Islands’ starlet to be involved in the game once again. Posušje is still battling against releagation in Bosnian top-tier, what poses importance in the match for them and certainly Velež wants to finish the season on a high.


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