Solomon Islands’ Kurukuru defeated in second friendly match in Vietnam’s tour

In the second friendly match of their Asian Tour, the Vietnamese futsal team secured a resounding 5-0 victory over the Solomon Islands’ Kurukuru. This triumph came after Solomon Islands suffered another 5-0 loss in their first encounter with the local national team. However, the outcome of these friendly matches was not the primary objective for either team. Instead, the focus was on testing personnel and refining gameplay in preparation for upcoming official tournaments.

Right from the start, the Vietnamese futsal team displayed dominance, swiftly scoring two goals in the first half. The players responsible for finding the back of the net were Tu Minh Quang and Nguyen Thinh Phat. The team continued their relentless performance in the second half, maintaining control over the game.

In the 25th minute of the second half, Solomon Islands’ Junior Mana committed a handball offense in the penalty area, leading to a penalty for the Vietnamese team. Nguyen Minh Tri confidently converted the penalty, extending their lead to 3-0. The Vietnamese futsal team exhibited skill and precision throughout the match, with Tri’s goal highlighting their offensive prowess.

Vietnamense and Solomon Islanders battle for possesion

As the game progressed, Solomon Islands’ team fouls mounted, resulting in a 10-meter penalty awarded to Vietnam in the 35th minute. Van Tuan expertly executed the shot, securing a comfortable 4-0 lead for the home team. Just minutes later, Minh Tri completed a brace by dribbling the ball from the right side to the middle and unleashing a powerful finish.

In the remaining minutes, Solomon Islands attempted a power-play strategy, removing their goalkeeper in favor of an extra outfield player. Despite their efforts, they failed to find the back of the net, ultimately succumbing to a 0-5 defeat. For Solomon Islands, this match served as valuable preparation for the upcoming OFC Futsal Nations Cup, which will take place later in the year. The team hopes to secure a spot in the FIFA Futsal World Cup, which would mark their fifth consecutive participation in the prestigious tournament.

Following the conclusion of the international friendly matches in Vietnam, Solomon Islands will return to Honiara and continue their training under the coach Damon Shaw to fine-tune their skills and tactics for the upcoming tournaments. Both teams recognize the importance of these friendly matches in providing essential tests and preparations ahead of their respective competitions.


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