Al-Sadd needs extra-time to beat Hienghène Sport

Hienghéne Sport fought hard against Al-Sadd and impressed all the fooball world with a close match against a full-professional side, current the title holders of Qatar first tier. Hienghène used a defensive formation to avoid spaces for the opposition side. They were succesful until the 26th minute of play when Baghdad Bounedjah found the netsContinue reading “Al-Sadd needs extra-time to beat Hienghène Sport”

Hienghène Sport: living heaven on earth

Football has lessons to teach; sometimes more than we can even imagine. The sport was created by the British, spread rapidly worldwide and turned into a passion for billions of people. If you do not believe football is not that powerful, just imagine this sport started a war in Central America and was able toContinue reading “Hienghène Sport: living heaven on earth”

Hienghène is the first team to arrive in Qatar for FIFA Clubs World Cup

The Oceania Football Confederation representants is the first side to reach Doha in Qatar to play the FIFA Clubs World Cup. Hienghène Sport will be among giant teams as Liverpool FC from England and the traditional Brazilian side CR Flamengo. This will be the first experience of any New Caledonian side in the competition –Continue reading “Hienghène is the first team to arrive in Qatar for FIFA Clubs World Cup”

Hienghène Sport departs to Qatar

The Oceania representants in the FIFA Clubs World Cup Hienghène Sport departed today – 29th November – to Doha, Qatar where they will playing against the local champions Al-Sadd in the first round of the tournament. It is a do-or-die match for the OFC Champions League winners – a win would create history for theContinue reading “Hienghène Sport departs to Qatar”