Fiji: Lami FA to be re-established in 2021

The second-tier of football in Fiji is certainly missing one its districts; Lami after almost being promoted in the previous season to the Vodafone Premier League is not taking part of the second most important football league of the table. The reason was unclear at the time, but Oceania Football Center investigation confirmed the LamiContinue reading “Fiji: Lami FA to be re-established in 2021”

The great moment of Jasnit Vikash

Since the 26-year-old midfielder Jasnit Vikash joined Nasinu for the Vodafone Premier League – in the mid-season transfer window in Fiji – the player is enjoying a very good form. In his debut, the talented player scored a brace against the powerhouse Ba to collect very important points for his side in the national league.Continue reading “The great moment of Jasnit Vikash”

Fiji: non-compliance with Fiji FA regulations prevent Lami from playing in 2020

As it was previously reported, Lami FC will not play Vodafone Senior League – the second-tier of Fijian football – this year. However the true reason behind it was not clear as there were no reports about this issue. According to reliable sources, Lami could not play the tournament due to lack of compliance withContinue reading “Fiji: non-compliance with Fiji FA regulations prevent Lami from playing in 2020”

Lami FC to miss 2020 Vodafone Senior League

Fiji Football Association (FFA) has recently released the calendar of 2020 Vodafone Senior League – the second tier of Fijian football. It was expected that twelve teams would play the tournament, but it seems that Lami FC will not play. Lami finished 2019 Vodafone Senior League in the second position and they should be oneContinue reading “Lami FC to miss 2020 Vodafone Senior League”

Rakariva strengthens Navua attack for 2020

It was reported by Fiji Football Association that Navua will bring three players from Lami: 2018 and 2019 Vodafone Senior League top scorer Taniela Rakariva, Matthew Charittar and Vinal Prasad. Rakariva played some fantastic seasons with Lami in the second tier of Fijian football. Nobody scored more goals than him in Fijian football in 2019.Continue reading “Rakariva strengthens Navua attack for 2020”