Malampa Revivors thrash Luganville squad in a friendly match

Recently Galaxy FC won Port Vila squad by 5-0 in a friendly held in Port Vila, Vanuatu as part of their preparation for 2020 OFC Champions League. Malampa Revivors did something similar this weekend by facing Luganville squad. Luganville squad was made of important players from some local teams like Vaum United, Santos and Sia-RagaContinue reading “Malampa Revivors thrash Luganville squad in a friendly match”

2020 Vanuatu National League Championship cancelled

According to local sources the 2020 Vanuatu National League Championship is cancelled. The tournament was scheduled to begin this week. It would be the first edition of the tournament that would count on nine teams, including Galaxy FC and Malampa Revivors that will play 2020 OFC Champions League. There is no exact news about cancellation’sContinue reading “2020 Vanuatu National League Championship cancelled”

Jesse Kalopong joins Malampa Revivors for OFC Champions League

Jesse Kalopong, the young defender from Erakor Golden Star in Port Vila, signed for Malampa Revivors in Luganville in order to represent the current Vanuatu national champions in the next edition of OFC Champions League. Kalopong will join his former teammate Jacky Ruben that also signed for the club to defend the blue and whiteContinue reading “Jesse Kalopong joins Malampa Revivors for OFC Champions League”

Jacky Ruben: the new signing of Malampa Revivors

The Ni-Vanuatu international Jacky Ruben will represent the Luganville-based side Malampa Revivors in the 2020 OFC Champions League. The midfielder recently left the Fijian club Suva FC in order to strenghten the squad of the current Vanuatu national champions. The 23-year old player represented Erakor Golden Star in the previous edition of the regional tournamentContinue reading “Jacky Ruben: the new signing of Malampa Revivors”

Malampa Revivors announce three new players for 2020 OFC Champions League

After some rumours, Ni-Vanuatu side Malampa Revivors announced three new players to help them in the 2020 OFC Champions League. Bob Jeffery (Tafea), Azariah Soromon (Tupuji Imere) and Tom Loic (Ifira Black Bird) will join the team soon. Bob Jeffery will play for Revivors for the second time in his career. He also played theContinue reading “Malampa Revivors announce three new players for 2020 OFC Champions League”

Rumours link Vanuatu National Team players to Malampa Revivors

There are some rumours that many players from Vanuatu National Football Team are ready to play for Malampa Revivors in 2020 OFC Champions League. Some of the released names are Bob Jeffery (Tafea), Azariah Soromon (Tupuji Imere), Gordshem Dona (Tafea) and Kaloram Firiam (Ifira Black Bird). There is nothing confirmed yet but people might seeContinue reading “Rumours link Vanuatu National Team players to Malampa Revivors”

Malampa Revivors prepare for OFC Champions League

Malampa Revivors is going to play OFC Champions League for the second straight year. After a not so good campaign in 2019 – one draw and two losses in the group stage – the team from Luganville look forward to do something better this year. Revivors’ preparation keeps going. With some great young players, theyContinue reading “Malampa Revivors prepare for OFC Champions League”

The success of Malampa Revivors

Port Vila is the capital and most important city of Vanuatu – when someone ask us to mention a city in the country, most of the times we will think about Port Vila. The capital is also the land of the most important football clubs in the country, as Galaxy, Tafea, Erakor Golden Star andContinue reading “The success of Malampa Revivors”

OFC Champions League: venues and schedules released

Oceania Football Confederation released the venues and schedules of 2020 OFC Champions League. The Preliminary Round is scheduled to begin on 25 January while the final match to decide the championship winners will be played on 16 May. You can check the scheduled matches by clicking here. Check the venues and schedules below:PRELIMINARY ROUND Venue:Continue reading “OFC Champions League: venues and schedules released”

Hienghène Sport signs former Malampa Revivors midfielder

It was announced today by Nouvelle-Calédonie 1. that the current OFC Champions League title holders Hienghène Sport added a new player to their squad in order to compete at FIFA Clubs World Cup to be played in December. The former Malampa Revivors player is the Japanese Kohei Matsumoto, that recently signed for Hamilton Wanderers inContinue reading “Hienghène Sport signs former Malampa Revivors midfielder”