2020 Vanuatu National League Championship cancelled

According to local sources the 2020 Vanuatu National League Championship is cancelled. The tournament was scheduled to begin this week. It would be the first edition of the tournament that would count on nine teams, including Galaxy FC and Malampa Revivors that will play 2020 OFC Champions League. There is no exact news about cancellation’sContinue reading “2020 Vanuatu National League Championship cancelled”

National Youth Champions decided in Vanuatu

The first edition of VFF National Youth Championship is over! The finals were played this Thursday in Luganville, Santo. All matches were contested between the Southern Region winners and the Northern Region winners. Luganville was the most successful region, reaching the final match in three out of four categories. They won both women’s tournaments whileContinue reading “National Youth Champions decided in Vanuatu”

Freswota Stadium: a new house for Vanuatu’s football

Vanuatu is set to be given a new football stadium in the next upcoming years. In 2018 FIFA approved Qualao Consulting Limited as engineers for the new planned stadium in Freswota, a residential community of Port Vila. Freswota Stadium is a 200 million Vatu (1,8 million USD) project funded by FIFA and it is origniallyContinue reading “Freswota Stadium: a new house for Vanuatu’s football”

Lambert Maltock reelected as VFF president

Lambert Maltock won the Vanuatu Football Federation’s presidential election and he is going to be the VFF president until 2024. The election took place in the VFF 29th congress heldin Hog Harbour, Sanma Province. Maltock has beaten Stephen Felix in the final poll to remain as VFF President.

Vanuatu Football Federation ready to know their new president

Vanuatu Football Federation presidential election will take place next month in Santo. Lambert Maltock and Stephen Felix are the candidates. Maltock is the current president of Vanuatu Football Federation and Oceania Football Confederation while Felix is current Port Vila Football Association president. These are bad news for those who want changes in Vanuatu’s football. TheContinue reading “Vanuatu Football Federation ready to know their new president”

VFF and PVFA need more professionalism

Oceania Football Center recently reported that Tupuji Imere has signed two players from Vaum FC. But according to local sources these transfers are controversial and should not be allowed by Vanuatu Football Federation. According to local reliable sources, the football transfer window is closed in Port Vila since 28 August and these players should neverContinue reading “VFF and PVFA need more professionalism”