Raphael Lea’i scores a hat-trick as Solomon Islands defeat Tahiti in WCQ

Solomon Islands and Tahiti clashed at Al-Arabi Stadium in Doha to decide which side would finish on top of Group A after the withdrawal of Vanuatu and the Cook Islands from the tournament. The team coached by Felipe Vega-Arango had only one change to its starting eleven compared to their previous game against the CookContinue reading “Raphael Lea’i scores a hat-trick as Solomon Islands defeat Tahiti in WCQ”

Opportunité Européenne pour l’international Tahitien Teaonui Tehau

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English L’internationale Tahitienne et attaquante de l’AS Venus Teaonui Tehau est sur le point de réaliser quelque chose de rare pour les footballeurs océaniens: une opportunité de jouer professionnellement en Europe. Le joueur est le meilleur buteur de l’équipe nationale Tahitienne, ainsi que le capitaine de l’équipe nationale et de son équipe, l’AS Venus.Continue reading “Opportunité Européenne pour l’international Tahitien Teaonui Tehau”

Roonui Tehau: une nouvelle Star du Football dans la famille

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English La famille Tehau est, il est vrai, l’une des familles les plus connues dans le domaine du football océanique. Lorenzo Tehau, Alvin Tehau, Jonathan Tehau et Teaonui Tehau ont vécu l’un des moments les plus importants de leur histoire du football lors de la Coupe des Confédérations 2013 – où Tahiti a affrontéContinue reading “Roonui Tehau: une nouvelle Star du Football dans la famille”

Samuel Garcia: the leader of Tahiti National Team

🇫🇷 Français Samuel Garcia has a long history in football. The former midfielder represented Tahiti in 22 matches and scored two goals for his National Team. He also played four OFC Nations Cup editions and helped his nation to finish 2002 OFC Nations Cup in the third position. After his retirement, Garcia remained involved withContinue reading “Samuel Garcia: the leader of Tahiti National Team”

Tahitian football’s best ever moment

🇫🇷 Français Football can create very emotional moments, memories that will live for eternity. In a sport where the best team does not always win, it is really possible to dream – you can achieve results that are theoretically impossible. That is what the 2012 OFC Nations Cup held in Solomon Islands can teach us:Continue reading “Tahitian football’s best ever moment”

Tahiti releases provisional National Team squads for training

The continental tournaments in Oceania are currently suspended due to COVID-19 pandemics, including the 2020 OFC Nations Cup that would be the first round of Oceanian Qualification for 2022 FIFA World Cup. With OFC Nations Cup cancelled, the Oceania Football Federation must set a new model to be used as 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiersContinue reading “Tahiti releases provisional National Team squads for training”

Fiji, Tahiti and Solomon Islands set for Tri-Nations

According to local media, Fiji is set to organize another Tri-Nations tournament – as they did in 2019 – against Tahiti and Solomon Islands. The schedule is according to FIFA international dates – March 23th and 29th. The Fijian side is set for a camp to start this Sunday (07th March) with the new headContinue reading “Fiji, Tahiti and Solomon Islands set for Tri-Nations”

TBT #03 – Forgotten heroes from Solomon Islands

In 2013 Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) was struggling financially and 2014 World Cup qualifier was coming to its end by that time. Solomon Islands was in the final stage alongside New Zealand, Tahiti and New Caledonia fighting for a spot in the Inter-confederation play-offs. The four teams should face each other twice in orderContinue reading “TBT #03 – Forgotten heroes from Solomon Islands”