Ian Chow: I believe in second round we will see a different Lae City team

The Lae City FC boss Ian Chow recently shocked the Papua New Guinean football community after sacking the multi-champion coach Peter Gunemba of his teamsee here his reasons for making this change at Lae City.

Recently, Chow stated in his social media that the players of Lae City decided to stick with club – only Peter Gunemba is leaving. According to local sources, the most important players of Lae City were not happy with the departure of Peter Gunemba and were also considering to leave the team alongside their coach. “The players revolt and walk out? I gave the ultimatum. You play for Lae City FC or your play for your coach? What did they choose? The whole team picked Lae City FC! They all returned before I released them. They all know they have been on the wrong side and taking advantage of our slackness. It showed in their games. What I said was all true! They needed a big reality check! They were all heading for football oblivion“, stated Chow.

Ian Chow also strongly added: “My money, my team my decision. I made it clear to all players. I pay your salary so you are working for me. You are all professionals, so whoever is the coach you still have to follow. We are not holding or forcing any of you to stay“.

Peter Gunemba helped Lae City to win the last five PNG National Soccer League editions, but failed to make his former team to progress at OFC Champions League 2020 – something that did not make Chow happy, the Lae City boss also stated he aims to see Lae City winning OFC Champions League, so he was forced to make the changes he had done.

The local supporters of Lae were not happy with the shocking news and certain allegations of Ian Chow, but he seems determined to leave the past behind and create an even stronger Lae City for the rest of the season – seeking to qualify once again for the most important club football tournament of Oceania.


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