The disappointing start of Isabel United in Telekom S-League

Telekom S-League’s fourth matchweek is reaching its end and it is already possible to point which teams are having a good performance and which ones are disappointing. While Henderson Eels are on top of the table with a perfect campaign, Isabel United are having a terrible start in the season.

After a good debut season in 2019-20, there were lots of expectations on Isabel United before this season as some top players like Alick Maemae, Benjamin Totori and Michael Boso joined the team but the first match of the season against Henderson Eels was a disaster as they lost by 5-1.

After this terrible match, head coach Gideon Omokirio had time to make the necessary adjustments in the squad as they had a bye week in the second matchweek of the season. However, these adjustments were not enough as they were defeated by Laugu United and Central Coast FC after the bye week.

Isabel United starting eleven against Central Coast FC – Telekom S-League Media

These defeats are not an accident as they play a lazy football. The team is poorly organised and they lose the ball possession easily due to lack of organisation and intensity. Moreover, forward Benjamin Totori is not being well involved in the game which weakens Isabel United in the pitch.

Omokirio needs to find a fast solution if he still wants to see his side fighting on top. Isabel United are currently in the tenth position with three losses in three matches. You can check the current Telekom S-League standings by clicking here.

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