The unstoppable Henderson Eels

Henderson Eels are having a marvelous start in 2020 Telekom S-League – the major football league from the Solomon Islands. The team coached by Eddie Marahre is in the first position with twelve points in four matches, a perfect campaign so far in the season.

The key for Eels’ success is surely the powerful attack led by Joses Nawo and Raphael Lea’i that scored 23 goals in four matches – including huge wins against Isabel United (5-1), Laugu United (7-0) and Southern United (10-0). Despite the good offensive record, we can not forget to point that the current league leaders have a very strong squad – from goalkeepers to strikers.

While most people praise Lea’i and Nawo for scoring lots of goals, Eels’ defense is doing a very good job as they suffered only one goal in the current Telekom S-League season. It is very important to praise head coach Eddie Marahare who built a good defensive system but goalkeeper Desmond Tutu and defenders Boni Pride and Leon Kofana must be praised as well, while other players like Hudson Felani, Robert Laua, Timothy Bakale and Tutizama Tanito are also playing in a very good level.

Henderson Eels’ starting eleven against Southern United – Telekom S-League Media

With a powerful team performing in a high level, it is difficult to imagine that any other team will be able to level up with them but current Telekom S-League champions Solomon Warriors must not be underestimated as they are in the second position. Anyway, it is known that Warriors are not performing in a very good level despite the recent results.

Henderson Eels are currently five points ahead of Warriors but the title holders played one less game so far. You can check the current Telekom S-League standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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