Telekom S-League: Lore Fonaota stars in Kossa big win over Malaita Kingz

When is Malaita Kingz terrible run to have an end at Telekom S-League? The team coached by Michael Alafa lost all their matches so far in the league and in their midweek clash against Kossa nothing seemed to be different; a total domination by the team coached by Fred Osifelo as Kossa hammered Kingz by 6-2. With the win Kossa is now ranked 6th in the process.

Eddie Kasute’e started the party early for Kossa as he opened the scoreline for his side at the third minute of the game. The experienced James Naka doubled the scoreline for Kossa at the 18th minute of play and still in the first half Kingz pulled one back through Ashley Liu.

But when the pacy Lore Fonaota was introduced in the second half, the gap turned into something much bigger: exacly in eight minutes Fonaota concluded the win for his side, he scored four goals starting from the 59th minute of play and ending at the 67th minute. The other two goals scored by Fonaota were at the 61th and 65th minutes. Suddenly, the match was already 6-1 for Kossa.

Kossa had no mercy of Malaita Kingz – TSL Media

Philip Lamana still reduced the scoreline for Kingz with a goal scored at the 90th minute of play, but it was already too late to start a recovery in the game. The final result was a massive 6-2 win for Kossa in the mid-week clash of the Telekom S-League.

You can see the current standings, top scorers and full results of the season so far by visiting our session of the Telekom S-League.

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