Star Mountain’s team manager Joseph Ame to take legal action against PNGFA and NSL

Weeks ago one case got widely debated in Papua New Guinea – Star Mountain FC walked off pitch after a disallowed goal against Morobe United, forcing the referee to finish the game early. Here you can see the disallowed goal that caused all the problems. Recently, despite PNGFA and NSL Board did not make any official statement regarding the case, Oceania Football Center investigation confirmed all points from the game were awarded to Morobe United – Star Mountain’s head coach Selan Elizah was also penalised by the entity as outcome of the walk off.

Despite the responsible entities did not come to public to explain the situation, the points were really awarded to Morobe United as you can see in the updated standings provided by the football association. Oceania Football Center talked to Morobe United’s defender Valentine Nelson and now it is time to give voice to Star Mountain’s part of the case; the STM‘s team maanger Joseph Ame talked to OFCe regarding the case.

The decision from PNGFA and NSL committee to give the game away to Morobe United FC was unfair and uncalled for“, said Ame – “I have spoke to my management already so they will engage a lawyer to appeal against the decision from PNGFA and NSL,” completed the team manager.

Joseph Ame

PNGFA and NSL board did not act in benefit of the football clubs and the players with the people behind them – I can confirm Star Mountain FC will take legal action against PNGFA and NSL committee decision from forteiting the match to Morobe United FC with no good grounds” said Joseph Ame.

Ame provided to Oceania Football Center evidence of the response from PNGFA and NSL board to his questions to the entity; in the letter it is stated the final decision in favour of Morobe United explaining Star Mountain’s head coach Selan Elizah was the responsible to encourage the players to leave the field of play before the completion of the match. The letter is signed of by PNGFA caretaker administrator Mr. Dan Kakaraya.

They did not respond to my appeal letter under grounds of two points that we appeal against: first the referee award the and later disallowed the goal; why did the referee lesion to the Morobe United players that confronted and complain to him then later in the 15 minutes of the game stop he decided to disallowed the goal“, completed Ame.

While Star Mountain’s staff do not start their legal process against PNGFA and NSL board, the table of the national league stands as it is. More two final rounds are yet to played in Papua New Guinea and Ame’s team is in the run to qualify for the semi-final stage, being three points away the fourth-placed Tusbab Stallions.

One thought on “Star Mountain’s team manager Joseph Ame to take legal action against PNGFA and NSL

  1. Teams walking out off the field before the full time of the match have already breach the by laws of the competition..
    By laws are there to resolve any situations on the field of play..


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