SC Ne Drehu seek their first major trophy in New Caledonia

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SC Ne Drehu will play the New Caledonia Cup’s final for the first time ever and it is surely a special moment for the team based in Lifou as staff and players are going to have the opportunity to put their names in the history of the club and local football.

Led by head coach CĂ©dric Wejieme, SC Ne Drehu will fight for the title against local powerhouse Hienghène Sport. Both teams clashed last weekend in the seventh matchweek of Mobil Super Ligue, the top tier football league from New Caledonia, and Hienghène won by 1-0: “We played a good game. I think we deserved more,” said Wejieme in an interview with Foot-NC.

SC Ne Drehu will face Hienghène Sport at New Caledonia Cup’s final – FCF Media

While SC Ne Drehu will play the New Caledonia Cup’s final for the first time ever, Hienghène Sport are already used to it as they reached the final for the sixth straight season. Despite not being the favourites, Wejieme knows what needs to be done for SC Ne Drehu to win the title: “We must not try to reinvent ourselves and turn everything upside down. We must play our game. This final is simply the fruit of what we have built, so we must continue in the same direction,” he said.

New Caledonia Cup’s final will be contested this Saturday at Stade Numa Daly. This game is scheduled to kick-off at 3pm (local time) and it is going to be livestreamed on Facebook. You can check more information about 2020 New Caledonia Cup by clicking here.

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