Welcome back to Premier League, Nadroga!

After a 3-0 win in the first leg of the promotion play-off, Nadroga faced Bua at Lawaqa Park to decide which side would be promoted to the next season of Vodafone Premier League, the top tier league from Fiji.

Nadroga had all favouritism to win this match while Bua had to fight against all odds to be promoted – and the odds were right. Charles Williams scored from inside the 6-yard-box to open the scoreboard for Nadroga in the 19th minute while Taniela Raubula headed the ball into the net in the final minute of the first half to put the Stallions ahead by 2-0.

Discouragement seized Bua, that needed to score six goals to secure a place in the Premier League. Things got even worse for the orange team when Taniela Raubula scored his second goal of the day to put Nadroga head by three goals. At the final whistle, the score was 3-0 in favour of the Stallions that secured a spot in 2021 Vodafonre Premier League.

Nadroga players celebrating Vodafone Senior League’s title – Fiji FA Media

Nadroga are back to the top tier league from Fiji after being relegated in 2016. It was a marvelous year for the team coached by Johnny Williams as they won Vodafone Senior League and Inter-District Championship and finished the season unbeaten. You can check more information about 2020 Vodafone Senior League by clicking here.


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