O-League: Solomon Warriors surpass Lupe o le Soaga to keep its chances alive for a semifinal berth

In an exciting encounter at the Soccer City Stadium in Luganville, Solomon Warriors emerged victorious with a 3-1 win over Lupe o le Soaga in the second matchday of Group A in the OFC Champions League. Both teams had suffered defeats in their opening matches, making this game crucial for their chances of qualifying for the semifinals.

Solomon Warriors got off to a strong start, showing their determination to secure a victory. It was Dennis Ifunaoa who broke the deadlock for the Solomon Islands’ champions with a well-executed header in the 15th minute, giving his team an early lead.

As the first half progressed, Ifunaoa continued to make his presence felt. He embarked on a solo run and capitalized on a mistake by Lupe’s goalkeeper, Osa Savelio. Harrison Mala was in the right place at the right time to tap the ball into the empty net, doubling Solomon Warriors’ lead before the break.

Solomon Warriors’ players celebrate one of their goals – OFC Media

The second half saw Lupe o le Soaga display great resilience and determination. Their efforts paid off when Jefta Siba managed to breach Solomon Warriors’ defense and score, reducing the deficit for his team. Siba’s goal was Lupe’s first in the tournament up to this point.

However, Solomon Warriors quickly reestablished their dominance. Norman Winford orchestrated an excellent play, setting up Ifanuaoa for his second goal of the match and the third for Solomon Warriors. Ifanuaoa’s clinical finish further solidified his team’s advantage and put them in a commanding position.

Despite the best efforts of both teams in the closing stages of the match, the scoreline remained 3-1 in favor of Solomon Warriors. The Solomon Islands’ champions created several opportunities to extend their lead but were unable to convert them into goals.

With this important victory, Solomon Warriors kept their hopes of progressing to the next stage alive. However, they face a crucial match against Fijian side Suva in the final matchday, where a win will be essential for their chances of advancing. Lupe o le Soaga, on the other hand, will have one more match against Auckland City, although they have no chance of qualifying for the next round.


2 thoughts on “O-League: Solomon Warriors surpass Lupe o le Soaga to keep its chances alive for a semifinal berth

  1. love this
    Great read! The Solomon Warriors seem to have played brilliantly and Ifunaoa’s two goals were crucial in their victory. Do you think they have a good chance of beating Suva in their next match and advancing to the next stage?


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