Guide: OFC Champions League 2020 – Preliminary Stage

The 2020 edition of the OFC Champions League is about to start; to let you know everything you need about each team taking part in the competition we are pleased to announce the Guide of 2020 OFC Champions League. The guide consists to inform all info you must know about the clubs in the presentContinue reading “Guide: OFC Champions League 2020 – Preliminary Stage”

Islanders observer #02 – Maro Bonsu-Maro

Episode 01: David Browne The second episode of Islanders Observer arrived! Oceania Football Center keep talking about the foreign islanders that are playing in 2019-20 ISPS Handa Permiership, the top national football league in Oceania. After a first episode talking about Papua New Guinean David Browne, this episode will talk about another islander that playsContinue reading “Islanders observer #02 – Maro Bonsu-Maro”

Tupapa Maraerenga rule football season in Cook Islands

After winning the 2019 Men’s Vans Premiership and the 2019 Senior Women’s Championship, Tupapa Maraerenga won more trophies in the end of Cook Islands football season: The CIFA Cups The CIFA Cups are played in the end of the season and they are contested by the teams that played the league season. Tupapa won bothContinue reading “Tupapa Maraerenga rule football season in Cook Islands”

Tupapa Maraerenga wins Vans Premiership

Tupapa Maraerenga is the champion of 2019 Vans Premiership – the senior men’s football league in Rarotonga Island. After a tough title race against Nikao Sokattak, Tupapa won the league for the third straight year. It means that they are going to play 2020 OFC Champions League Preliminary Round alongside Veitongo (Tonga), Lupe o leContinue reading “Tupapa Maraerenga wins Vans Premiership”

Nikao Sokattak looks for ending a ten year drought in Vans Premiership

Cook Islands Vans Premiership’s title race looks promising this year. As the league goes to the 9th round of 15, Nikao Sokattak and Tupapa Maraerenga are still tied up on top with nineteen points each. While Tupapa Maraerenga won seven of last nine league editions, Nikao Sokattak tries to lift a trophy that they lastContinue reading “Nikao Sokattak looks for ending a ten year drought in Vans Premiership”