Ifira Black Bird asks for federation’s position on resuming football leagues in Port Vila

Unlike some countries like Fiji and Papua New Guinea, football leagues in Vanuatu still do not have a scheduled date to resume. Despite being cleared to resume since last month, football activities have not resumed yet. The current situation of the sport in the country begins to annoy the clubs. Ifira Black Bird recently askedContinue reading “Ifira Black Bird asks for federation’s position on resuming football leagues in Port Vila”

Ifira Black Bird even stronger for 2020

Ifira Black Bird will come even stronger for the second half of the Port Vila’s season in Vanuatu. It was reported that they signed with five players from Erakor Golden Star to strengthen the squad for the rest of the season. Full back Jacques Wanemut, winger Godine Tenene and forward Tonly Kalotang are some ofContinue reading “Ifira Black Bird even stronger for 2020”

Malakai Andrew and Junior Felix left Tafea

Current Port Vila Premier League leaders Tafea FC have a major blow for the second half of 2019-20 season because two important players that are going to work in Australia for a few months: attacking midfielder Malakai Andrew and central defender Junior Felix. Tafea will be in trouble to replace these two players and someContinue reading “Malakai Andrew and Junior Felix left Tafea”

Port Vila Premier League’s restart date is a mystery

Port Vila Premier League was off for holidays but there is no schedule date for its return. According to local sources there should be a meeting with Port Vila Football Association president on January 10 to discuss some important things like the league schedule. However this meeting did not happen and things are still unclear.Continue reading “Port Vila Premier League’s restart date is a mystery”

Allista Kalip: voice of experience in a young Tafea squad

Currently leading the 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League, Tafea FC counts on a very young squad with good talents like Junior Felix, Waiwo Kalmet and Jordy Tasip. However there is an experient player with a long history as a Tafea’s player that is being very important for them in the season: Allista Kalip. Tafea’s topscorerContinue reading “Allista Kalip: voice of experience in a young Tafea squad”

Port Vila Premier League return is not scheduled yet

As it was already reported, Port Vila Premier League is off for holidays. However there is no scheduled dates for the league’s return yet. Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) has released a new tournament that is going to be played in January: the 2020 National League Championship that is going to count on eight teams (oneContinue reading “Port Vila Premier League return is not scheduled yet”

Port Vila Premier League is off for holidays

The Port Vila Premier League cancelled this weekend matches. Next matchweek is scheduled for January. It was decided in a meeting between Port Vila Football Association and representants of the teams. All Premier League clubs agreed to stop the league and go for a break. The holidays arrived in a good moment to match withContinue reading “Port Vila Premier League is off for holidays”

Oceanian Football: weekend review

🇳🇿 WELLINGTON PHOENIX (🇦🇺 A-LEAGUE) After a 0-0 draw in the first half, Jaushua Sotirio scored his first goal in the season to open the scoreboard for Wellington Phoenix against Western Sydney Wanderers. Nicolai Müller netted for Sydney to tie the match but Phoenix still managed to win after a penalty awarded by the VideoContinue reading “Oceanian Football: weekend review”

Three teams fighting for the lead in Port Vila Premier League

The Port Vila Premier League’s ninth matchweek is going to be played this weekend in Port Vila Stadium, Vanuatu. After some exciting matches last weekend, fans are expecting more and more once the tournament is coming to its end because there are three teams fighting for the title. Scroll down and check the preview forContinue reading “Three teams fighting for the lead in Port Vila Premier League”

Gabriel ready to leave Galaxy

After announcing Gagame Feni’s arrival, Galaxy FC released a statement in its official Facebook account saying that brazilian player Gabriel is going to leave the club. Gabriel will play his last match for Galaxy this Friday against Mauwia in the 9th matchweek of PVFA Premier League. Galaxy management also thanked for his services during theseContinue reading “Gabriel ready to leave Galaxy”