2019 S-League – Weekend Preview

Malaita Kingz vs Kossa – Saturday 14:00 An enormous game for both teams. Kossa can jump for the 3rd position if they win with the added advantage of a game in hand – Adrian Mara will be at spotlight for Kossa after an impressive OFC Olymoic Qualifiers campaign for Solomon Islands. Malaita Kingz needs toContinue reading “2019 S-League – Weekend Preview”

Lautoka FC: is a no title season the necessary trigger for a victorious 2020?

Lautoka FC is one of the biggest football teams in Fiji. They lifted many trophies in the past seasons (six between 2015 and 2018) and is always one of the favourites for every competition held in the country. But this season was a bit different for the Blues once they did not win any competitionContinue reading “Lautoka FC: is a no title season the necessary trigger for a victorious 2020?”

Hienghène vs. AS Lössi: Coupe de Calédonie Grand Final

Lire l’article en Français 🇫🇷 The grand final match of the Coupe de Calédonie – the major cup tournament of New Caledonia – will be played this Saturday 19th October at Stade Numa-Daly in Nouméa. AS Magenta, the title holders, are not going to defend their honour this season after losing at quarter-final against theirContinue reading “Hienghène vs. AS Lössi: Coupe de Calédonie Grand Final”

Port Vila Premier League – Match Week 2 preview

Port Vila Premier League second round begins on this Friday with a match between Galaxy and Mauwia. Oceania Football Center brings a preview for the weekend’s round in Vanuatu! Galaxy vs Mauwia Newly promoted Mauwia is going to have a lot of work to do against Galaxy on Friday’s match. They already faced each otherContinue reading “Port Vila Premier League – Match Week 2 preview”

When father and son made history together for Tongan football

Sometimes we hear about some cases of father and son playing for the same team and even scoring in the same match. There are some famous cases like the Gudjohnsen’s, the Iceland’s most famous footballing dynasty. While Arnor and Eidur Gudjohnsen never played together as team-mates, son Eidur replaced Arnor as a second-half substitute inContinue reading “When father and son made history together for Tongan football”

Fiji, please care about players’ physical health!

Fiji Inter-District Championship is over and we already talked about it in Oceania Football Center. This article’s purpose is to talk about an important thing that seems to be neglected by those who rule football in some places in Oceania: physioltogy. Physiology is the branch of biology that aims to understand the mechanisms of livingContinue reading “Fiji, please care about players’ physical health!”

Brian Kaltak: an inspiration for Pacific people

Solomon Islands U17 defender Charlton Totori recently said that Brian Kaltak is his favourite defender – He has great vision in the game and he is also a melanesian like me – said Totori to Raw Sports Newspaper. Totori is one of the called-up players for FIFA U17 World Cup that will be held inContinue reading “Brian Kaltak: an inspiration for Pacific people”

Taniela Rakariva: the 2019 Fijian Golden Boot

With the end of the Inter-District Championship, there’s only Champion vs. Champion remaining to finish the Fiji football season, with Labasa and Ba deciding the last title of 2019. Even with these two matches not scheduled yet, it’s not too early to talk about the season’s top scorers. When we think about good forwards inContinue reading “Taniela Rakariva: the 2019 Fijian Golden Boot”

Batram to Alden: the Suri football family

Batram Suri had a great career as a footballer, playing in Oceanian countries like New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu for over twenty years. He has almost 50 caps for National Team and scored ten goals. He was one of the most proeminent Pacific Islands’ players during the 90s, being indicated for OceanianContinue reading “Batram to Alden: the Suri football family”

Players Suffer with Bad Pitch in Port Vila Stadium

It is always a good feeling when the new season starts, for everyone involved: players, fans, staff and media. The Port Vila Premier League new season just started for the general happiness of the people in Vanuatu that will have the chance to watch the Brazilian new imports of ABM Galaxy – the midfielder RobersonContinue reading “Players Suffer with Bad Pitch in Port Vila Stadium”